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External Teams Chat – Voice and Video Not Available

I wanted to look and see the options for the Voice/Video buttons in a Microsoft Teams chat, and why sometimes I do not have these available based on who I add to the chat I see these combinations: Internal User Internal Users (more than one) External User Multi-Party including External User(s) Guest Users Meet Now […]

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Setting Up A Microsoft Teams Room with a Yealink MVC640

This article goes through the steps I needed to set up a new Microsoft Teams Room system using the Yealink MVC640. Account Provisioning First, and done in advance of arrival, is the set up of the user account that the Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) system will login to Microsoft 365 with. The instructions for this […]

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We can’t set up the conversation Teams Chat Error

You want to chat from Teams to a person outside your company who is also using Teams and you get “We can’t set up the conversation because your organisations are not set up to talk to each other”. This is an admin setting, so if you are not the Teams admin you need to speak […]

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Microsoft 365 – How To Enable A Progressive Web Application

A Progressive Web Application (PWA) is an application that runs in a website which you can separately have an icon for on your desktop (Windows, Chromebook, Raspberry PI, Linux, Android and other operating systems). This icon can be pinned to the Start Menu (or equivalent) and starting it opens the web application in a separate […]

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Why is the Text in my Teams Background Back To Front

With Teams (and Zoom, and probably other video conferencing apps) as well as apps that add to the live camera image such Chromacam and Snap Camera in popular use, you might have noticed that all the example backgrounds have no text on them. So what happens when you or your company roll out a set […]

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Microsoft Teams Live Events For Running a Church Service

Or, how to run a Microsoft Teams Live Event with average technical capability presenters, or how to run a Microsoft Teams Live Event for events that you would not normally consider this service for! So with this title and alternative titles in mind we are going to look at how I set up and ran […]

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Teams Calendar Fails To On-Premises Mailbox

Article Depreciated: Microsoft now auto-hides the Calendar icon in Teams if your on-premises Exchange Server is not reachable via AutoDiscover V2 and at least Exchange Server 2016 CU3 or later. Once you move your mailbox to Exchange Online (or a supported on-premises version), assuming you did not do any of the below, your Calendar icon […]

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Convert Office 365 Group to Microsoft Team Totally Failing

This one has been annoying me for a while – I had an Office 365 Group that I created many years ago in Office 365 that I cannot convert to a Microsoft Team. This is what I see in Teams to do this process. First, click “Create a team” Followed by “Create a team from […]