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Improving Security For MFA Approvals – Number Matching

Rolling out in November 2021 is a new feature – that of requiring the user to enter a number rather than just click approve on the MFA prompt. This update to Azure AD requires the use of Push Notifications and therefore requires the use of the Microsoft Authenticator app. It also requires that MFA is […]

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Adding Location To Azure AD MFA

This Azure AD feature is something that a number of other Multi-Factor Authentication providers have already implemented – that of showing the location of the user login (and the app in use) on the MFA prompt. This feature rolled out to Azure AD in mid November 2021 in preview – so use in non-production tenants […]

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External Teams Chat – Voice and Video Not Available

I wanted to look and see the options for the Voice/Video buttons in a Microsoft Teams chat, and why sometimes I do not have these available based on who I add to the chat I see these combinations: Internal User Internal Users (more than one) External User Multi-Party including External User(s) Guest Users Meet Now […]

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Setting Up A Microsoft Teams Room with a Yealink MVC640

This article goes through the steps I needed to set up a new Microsoft Teams Room system using the Yealink MVC640. Account Provisioning First, and done in advance of arrival, is the set up of the user account that the Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) system will login to Microsoft 365 with. The instructions for this […]

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Turn Off Self-Service Purchases in Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has a route for users to buy their own products rather than products purchased and licenced by the company. This blog outlines how to turn this off. Install the MSCommerce PowerShell module with Install-Module MSCommerce Connect to the MSCommerce endpoint with Connect-MSCommerce and login with the administrator account List all the products you […]

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We can’t set up the conversation Teams Chat Error

You want to chat from Teams to a person outside your company who is also using Teams and you get “We can’t set up the conversation because your organisations are not set up to talk to each other”. This is an admin setting, so if you are not the Teams admin you need to speak […]

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Finding Existing Plus Addresses

Exchange Online will automatically enable “Plus Addressing” for all tenants from Jan 2022. This change may cause issues if you have existing mailboxes where the SMTP address contains a + sign. That is, would be considered a broken email address from Jan 2022 in Exchange Online. So you need to check you have no […]

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Allowing “Phish” Training Emails in Exchange Online

With the introduction of “Secure by Default” in Exchange Online, where you used to add IPs and other settings such as allow-lists to allow your phish training emails to get through to your users this will no longer work, and shortly it will no longer work to bypass the Exchange Online filters using mail flow […]

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Block Downloads and Other Controls in Microsoft Dynamics

This article will walk you through the use of Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS in the rest of the article) to implement data protections in the Microsoft Dynamics product range. This includes Dynamics 365 (the CRM product), Finance and Operations, Talent, Marketing etc. In this walk through we will block copy and paste from the […]

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Microsoft 365 – How To Enable A Progressive Web Application

A Progressive Web Application (PWA) is an application that runs in a website which you can separately have an icon for on your desktop (Windows, Chromebook, Raspberry PI, Linux, Android and other operating systems). This icon can be pinned to the Start Menu (or equivalent) and starting it opens the web application in a separate […]

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Outlook AutoDetect And Broken AutoDiscover

Those in the Exchange Server space for a number of years know all about AutoDiscover and the many ways it can be configured and misconfigured – if even configured at all. Often misconfiguration is to do with certificates or it is not configured at all because it involves certificates and I thought I was aware […]

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Proxies and Firewalls and Installing Microsoft Office Subscription Software

Microsoft Office 365 client software (Word, Excel etc.) has been available as a subscription model for over ten years and using the Click-2-Run technology for all or most of that time, but I still see a lot of people who are unsure how it actually works, assuming its a standard installer they have used for […]

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Centrally Managing Microsoft 365 Apps Updates

It used to be the domain of 3rd party enterprise apps or Microsoft’s Configuration Manager to control the updates (or servicing) of your Microsoft Office apps (now called Microsoft 365 Apps). With recent additions to the Office Configuration Portal at you can have central admin of updates including groups to deploy and in which […]

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Intune MAM Exemptions – Discovering URL Protocols

In Microsoft Intune you can create a secure container where the data in your apps cannot leak outside of. That is, you can restrict copy/paste outside of the supported apps and restrict opening the data in a different app. But sometimes you need to open the data in a different app and with the Intune […]

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550 5.1.8 Access denied, bad outbound sender AS(42003)

“Your message couldn’t be delivered because you weren’t recognized as a valid sender. The most common reason for this is that your email address is suspected of sending spam and it’s no longer allowed to send email. Contact your email admin for assistance.” This is an error you get when your anti-spam “outbound” policy restricts […]

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[New] External Email Notification in Exchange Online

This is a new feature released in March 2021 that adds support in Outlook (Mac, OWA, Mobile) for the display of the external status of the sender – note at the time of writing it does not add this feature to Outlook for the PC. This should be used to replace the way this has […]