Force Mailbox Migration With Bad Items To Complete (2020)

It used to be easy to complete an Exchange Server > Exchange Online move request that had bad items, but this has changed recently.

In the last short while Move Requests (and Migration Batches) have begun to include a property called DataConsistencyScore

Get-MoveRequestStatistics "Bill Gates" | fl DataConsistencyScore

If the result from the above is “Investigate” then you will not be able to complete the move even if you set the usual properties of -PreventCompletion $false and -CompleteAfter 1, that is – the following will not work:

Set-MoveRequest "Bill Gates "-SuspendWhenReadyToComplete $false -PreventCompletion $false -CompleteAfter 1

You will also need to set the following:

Set-MoveRequest "Bill Gates" -SkippedItemApprovalTime  $(Get-Date).ToUniversalTime()

Upon running the above (the move request will auto resume in my tests), the move will start to complete if completion is allowed (the cmdlets at the top of the post). Obviously you will want to check why there are a number of bad items in the move and what you are going to try and do to fix them.

The SkippedItemApprovalTime property approves all bad items detected before the specified time. So in the above example we are approving all bad items to be discarded that were found before “now”. You could set an earlier specific time as well.

You now do not need to set a bad item limit (BadItemLimit) value as you are approving items by time instead.




7 responses to “Force Mailbox Migration With Bad Items To Complete (2020)”

  1. Thilo avatar

    You saved me, Thanks a lot!!!

  2. Calories avatar

    Saved me too! Thanks!

    Why is it getting so hard to discard corrupt items? It’d be one thing if you ever found out about them before your 12 hour migration was 95% complete.

    1. Brian Reid avatar

      Yes, I know what you mean – a lot of those with errors have no indication of error during prestage (unless you do Get-MoveRequestStatistics)

  3. Carl avatar

    Hey any thoughts on why I get the following error. I am migrating to Exchange 2019 from 2013 (running the commands on the 2019 EMC)?

    A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name ‘SkippedItemApprovalTime’.

    1. Brian Reid avatar

      Are you sure PowerShell is connected to the Exchange 2019 server? If its connected to 2013 then this wont work.

  4. hernandoF avatar

    cómo puedo establecerle una fecha en especifica ya que me sale error al parecer el servidor remoto tiene una zona horaria diferente.

    how can I set a specific date as I get an error as the remote server seems to have a different time zone.


    1. Brian Reid avatar

      Write the date in US time format MM/DD/YYYY

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