Outlook Archive Appears to be Duplicated

A client sent me the following screenshot today, and though redacted you can see that their Outlook mailbox has more than one Online Archive showing:


This users mailbox was not the only one in the company, but you can see how the mailbox is showing three Online Archives and seemingly all for the same mailbox. Look closely though, and they contain different content by way of subfolders.

This is because these archives belong to other users that this user has permission to open their mailbox. In Exchange 2010 and later, if users are granted full access to mailbox then Outlook automatically shows the mailbox. An update to Exchange 2010 allowed this automapping to be controlled if permissions are given via the command line.

So to fix this issue in Outlook, remove the permission and add it again with -Automapping:$false

Remove-MailboxPermission -Identity user b -User user a -AccessRights FullAccess

Add-MailboxPermission -Identity user b -User user a -AccessRights FullAccess –AutoMapping:$false

Then wait several hours and repair the users profile. After profile repair you now need to add the mailbox that you have full access to into Outlook.



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3 responses to “Outlook Archive Appears to be Duplicated”

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  2. LEO GONZALEZ avatar

    This works, but every time the system restarts the mailboxes disappear and I have to remap them, this is via Citrix. Any ideas why I lose the mapping?

    1. Brian Reid avatar

      Probably because you are not saving the Outlook profile and having a completely non-persistent profile. You would need to solve that first or assume the issue in the post is really a trivial issue

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