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Exchange Online Archive–Counting Archives

If you are using Exchange Online Archive and what to get a count of the number of users with an archive, or a list of the users with an archive, then the following PowerShell scripts will give you this info: List all users with an Exchange Online Archive: Get-MailUser -ResultSize Unlimited | where {$_.ArchiveName -ilike […]

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Errors in Moving Exchange Archive Mailboxes to Office 365

I was trying to move an Archive mailbox to the Office 365 service from my demo environment the other day when I came across an error I thought I would note down here for completion. I could not find the error elsewhere on the internet An archive mailbox must be enabled before it can be […]

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Outlook Archive Appears to be Duplicated

A client sent me the following screenshot today, and though redacted you can see that their Outlook mailbox has more than one Online Archive showing: This users mailbox was not the only one in the company, but you can see how the mailbox is showing three Online Archives and seemingly all for the same mailbox. […]