Delegate Approval for Meeting Requests Failing

If you require delegates to approval all room bookings in Exchange 2010 and you have the following two settings set to True then rooms will automatically be approved

  • AllRequestOutOfPolicy: True
  • AllRequestInPolicy: True

To require that rooms are approved by the delegate regardless of when the room is booked set AllRequestOutOfPolicy to False.

These settings require that AllBookInPolicy is False and that BookInPolicy and RequestInPolicy are both null.







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  1. Cathi avatar

    Currently I have a conference room (room mailbox in Office 365) set to the following:

    ResourceDelegates: {}
    RequestOutofPolicy: {ITGroup}
    AllRequestOutofPolicy: False
    BookInPolicy: {ITGroup}
    AllBookInPolicy: True
    RequestInPolicy: {ITGroup}
    AllRequestInPolicy: {False}

    This should be a restricted conference room and I only want those in the ITgroup to be able to reserve the room. Right now it seems as if anyone can book the room.

    What settings do I need to change and how can you remove a setting (i.e. RequestInPolicy to be null instead of assigned to ITGroup) once it has already been set?

  2. Brian Reid avatar

    @Cathi – to set a value null using Exchange Management Shell enter $null as the value.

    For example -RequestInPolicy:$null

    Try Set-CalendarProcessing RoomName -ResourceDelegates:ITGroup -RequestOutOfPolicy:$null -AllRequestOutOfPolicy:$true -AllBookInPolicy:$false -BookInPolicy:$null -RequestInPolicy:$null -AllRequestInPolicy:$true

    This will allow (though I did not test it) ITGroup to be delegates (to book the room on behalf of others), to allow anyone to “request” the room but not anyone to “book” the room. All requests go to ITGroup (the delegate). AllBookInPolicy is $false so that everyone (All) cannot book the room without restriction.


  3. Cathi avatar

    Ok one more question related to this. It seems like the permissions are working right, but when someone in the ITgroup sets a recurring meeting they get a message saying it’s tentative and pending approval. get-calendarprocessing shows the “AllowRecurringMeetings” to be true and the “AutomateProcessing” is set to AutoAccept so I’m not sure why they get a tentative/pending aproval message.

  4. Brian Reid avatar

    @Cathi – what are the settings for EnforceSchedulingHorizon and BookingWindowInDays? BookingWindowInDays says how many days in advance a booking can be (6 months is the default I think) and EnforceSchedulingHorizon says whether or not this limit is enforced.

  5. Cathi avatar

    EnforceSchedulingHorizon = true
    BookingWindowInDays = 180

  6. Brian Reid avatar

    @Cathi – not that then. Can you post the current version of the original settings you have set please. You need to have ITGroup as the Delegate and not RequestOutOfPolicy. If they are RequestOutOfPolicy then they will be able to request the room, but will need approving by the delegate. They need to be the delegate to do the booking.

  7. Cathi avatar

    That worked! Thank you 🙂

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