.DLL Errors and Blackberry Enterprise Server

During a configuration of Blackberry Enterprise Server today I found that I was getting .DLL errors when trying to create a MAPI profile on the BES Server (v5.0.2) when running IEMSTest.

Well it was not the usual stuff – it ended up being the alias that had been assigned to the BESAdmin account. The policy at the company where I am installing Exchange 2010 is last_first@domain.com, but the BESAdmin account does not have a first or last name and so got an email address of _9c73@domain.com, and so though I could login in OWA, I could not do a MAPI login (IEMSTest or Outlook – because the alias was not BESAdmin as they default to).

Once I changed the SMTP Address to BESAdmin@domain.com then it all worked fine.



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