GoDaddy SSL Certificate Approval with TXT Records

I had a bit of an issue with Go Daddy yesterday in that they took 5 days to approve a Subject Alternative Name change to a certificate, and as the usual route of adding a file to a website was unavailable to me I decided to prove ownership of the domain by the addition of a new TXT record to the domain.

Go Daddy’s instructions for doing this are only suitable for domains hosted at Go Daddy and there are no clear instructions for doing this if you do not use Go Daddy for your DNS hosting.

So how do you create an SSL approval with TXT record? You do it by creating a TXT record for a subzone. The subzone is DZC and the value of the record is the seven character string that Go Daddy sent you via email. For example TXT AbCdEfG.

Once DNS has replicated to ALL of your DNS servers you can return to Go Daddy’s web form and approve your SSL certificate. You can check if all your DNS servers have your new data by using NSLookup or Dig, but preferred is the use of either of these two tools from an independent third party on the internet – for example or



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  1. avatar

    I’ve been having a few problems too with GoDaddy, thanks for the tip on how to create an SSL approval with a TXT record. It seems to have sorted the problem out!

  2. Anonymous avatar

    also check dns propagation with this

  3. Anonymous avatar

    Thank you!

  4. duitwithsbs avatar

    When I’ve had to go the TXT record route with GoDaddy, I’ve found if you call them they will speed up this process considerably. Also since the DNS servers are managed by GoDaddy, once the new TXT record is added there, the time for it to be verified is very short …as in hours not days.

  5. Vavai avatar

    Thank you, your article help me for resolving confused process on Godaddy SSL process.

  6. Graeme avatar

    Thanks, I was struggling to figure out just how they wanted this record to look. Your post cleared it up perfectly.

  7. CubeConn avatar

    Yep I was confused as well, but this helped me configure at my 3rd party DNS supplier – Thanks

  8. Anonymous avatar

    thanks, saved me some grief

  9. Stephane Melancon avatar

    Godaddy changed their rules : No need of “dzc” prefix before the domain name. Just the TXT entry with the domain name and the ID code in the value field will work.

    1. Brian Reid avatar

      Good. It was obscure.

  10. Hans-Dieter Deutsch avatar
    Hans-Dieter Deutsch

    Thanks Stephane Melancon.

    Thats it. i tryed it for 3 days to solv this problem. no right documentation in the godaddy help-files. Only the domain ist needed.

    TXT .xxxxx.yy

    and it works……

    From where did you get this information!????
    nice wishes.

    1. Hans-Dieter Deutsch avatar
      Hans-Dieter Deutsch

      TXT xxxxxx.yy id-code-from-godaddy

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