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External Teams Chat – Voice and Video Not Available

I wanted to look and see the options for the Voice/Video buttons in a Microsoft Teams chat, and why sometimes I do not have these available based on who I add to the chat I see these combinations: Internal User Internal Users (more than one) External User Multi-Party including External User(s) Guest Users Meet Now […]

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We can’t set up the conversation Teams Chat Error

You want to chat from Teams to a person outside your company who is also using Teams and you get “We can’t set up the conversation because your organisations are not set up to talk to each other”. This is an admin setting, so if you are not the Teams admin you need to speak […]

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Exchange Server and Missing Root Certificates

I came across an issue with a clients Exchange Server deployment today that is not well documented – or rather it is, but you need to know where to look. So I thought I would document the troubleshooting steps and the fix here. We specifically came across this error when testing Free/Busy for an Office […]

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Removing Edge Subscription When Exchange 2013 Installed

Exchange 2013 does not have an Edge role (at the time of writing – Aug 2013). It is possible to use Exchange 2010 SP3 and install the Edge role should you need one. There is a problem though when it comes to removing the Edge Subscription between an organization that contains Exchange 2013 servers and […]

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Fix Federation Trust Issues After Exchange Server Recovery

I had a need to recover an Exchange Server following a blue screen after patching that I could not undo. I had the databases intact, and of course Active Directory was installed on a different server so I installed a new server and ran setup /m:recoverserver (after installing all the updates and hotfixes that is). […]

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OWA and Moving Mailboxes to Office 365

Lets imagine a scenario where you are using an on-premises Exchange Server and users’ use Outlook Web App, and then you move some mailboxes to the Office 365 cloud with Hybrid Coexistence enabled. The user might not know their mailbox has been moved and so yesterday they went to, but today they need to visit […]

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Assign Specific Licences in Office 365 Via PowerShell

  To add specific licences to users in Office 365 without using the portal, and to assign subsets of the licences available requires two things. First you need to enumerate the licences and licence service plans, then you need to assign the new plan you have created to your users. This can be performed in […]

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Free/Busy Cross-Forest Working One Way Only

Or indeed, not working at all! I had the issue of it working one way only (On-Premise Exchange organization > Office 365) but the other way (cloud to on-premise) did not work at all. The answer is shown in this video This covers the reasons why Free/Busy (and the other federation features of MailTips, […]