Mismatched Archive GUID for Moving Archive to Office 365

If you create an archive in Office 365 for a mailbox on-premise you might find that it does not work – the actual archive is not (as of time of writing) created correctly. What’s the way around it? The way around it is to create the archive on-premise and then move the archive to the cloud.

But you get this error message:

Recipient ‘Aaron Con’ has mismatched archive GUID (19ec252e-00b2-463f-b9b4-7012fabfa60e). Expected value: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000.
Click here for help… http://technet.microsoft.com/en-US/library/ms.exch.err.default(EXCHG.141).aspx?v=
Exchange Management Shell command attempted:
‘c607a1af-5608-424d-8ea1-447dcad60003’ | New-MoveRequest -Remote -ArchiveOnly -RemoteHostName ‘mail.fabrikam.student027.mcmexch.ms’ -ArchiveDomain ‘o365.fabrikam.student027.mcmexch.ms’

This is caused because the archive has been created on-premise and then before this change is synchronised to the cloud the move occurs. The actual steps to do the above are as follows:

  1. Create local archive
  2. Synchronise changes to the cloud
  3. Move the archive to the cloud
  4. Wait until the move request completes (run Get-MoveRequest identity via Remote PowerShell to Exchange Online)
  5. Check that archive in cloud is provisioned with Get-MailUser identity | FL *archive* run via Remote PowerShell to Exchange Online. This will take a few minutes before the ArchiveDatabase value is populated.
  6. Synchronise changes again, so that the changes in the cloud are pushed back to on-premise
  7. Login as the user and access the cloud archive.



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