Windows XP Mode and McAfee AntiVirus

Windows XP Mode is a new feature of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate Editions. It allows you to run a copy of Windows XP on the same machine at the same time as Windows 7 to allow you to run software that does not work on Windows 7 Though support for hardware virtualization is needed for the software to run, all business class PC’s with Intel or AMD processors available at Windows 7 launch (except the AMD Sempron) will have this hardware support.

Microsoft recommends that anti-virus software be installed on the Windows XP Mode installation, which is wise advice because this is a standard Windows XP SP3 machine with all its inherent flaws. Tall three bits (antivirus, firewall and browser protection). Installing the firewall component breaks the component that allows the software that is installed on the XP machine to integrate seamlessly with Windows 7.

Your get the following error on starting either the full window version of XP Mode or any of the applications you have installed on XP Mode.

Could not enable integration features.

Ensure that the remote access and Group Policy settings in the virtual machine operating system allow remote connections. Please contact your administrator for more details.

You can continue without these features.

Currently Kaspersky and Symantec anti-virus products are supported in Windows XP Mode. Nothing yet on whether you need two licences though!






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