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  • SSL and Exchange Server

    In October 2014 or thereabouts it became known that the SSL protocol (specifically SSL v3) was broken and decryption of the encrypted data was possible. This blog post sets out the steps to protect your Exchange Server organization regardless of whether you have one server or many, or whether or not you use a load […]

  • How to Clear Password Policy on workstation after removing it from domain

    I needed to set up a few machines for a client in an internet cafe type scenario, but the client provided me with computers that had been added to the domain. The domain had a password requirement which meant I could not configure the default login on the cafe machines to have no password. To […]

  • Windows XP Mode and McAfee AntiVirus

    Windows XP Mode is a new feature of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate Editions. It allows you to run a copy of Windows XP on the same machine at the same time as Windows 7 to allow you to run software that does not work on Windows 7 Though support for hardware virtualization is […]

  • Fixing Error 1324.The path xxx contains an invalid character.

    When installing software I have now seen a number of times the following error “Error 1324.The path My Documents contains an invalid character.”. My Documents could be replaced by a number of other special folders, and I have seen this issue on Windows XP and Windows Vista. The problem seems to stem from having UNC […]

  • Unable to Delete Active Directory Object

    Whilst doing some tests on an Active Directory to do with permissions I removed all the permissions apart from SYSTEM. This proved what I wanted to prove, but I then could not delete the object or reset its permissions etc. to tidy up my test environment. A search on the web for the problem returned […]

  • Dell Notebook System Software (NSS) Failure to Install

    I recently had to rebuild a Dell Latitude D610 as it was not working properly on purchase. The reinstall instructions for Windows XP SP2 included installing the relevant Dell drivers from the Dell CD (or internet download if they were later versions). The Notebook System Software (NSS) always failed to install – it would crash […]

  • Start Menu and Multiple Monitors

    When you enable multiple monitor on Windows XP, which I did by installing an ATI Radeon card in addition to my existing Nvidia card I found that after changing some of the settings (like which is the primary display), the Start Menu and Task Bar appears on the secondard display. What seemed to happen was […]

  • Hotfix Files

    When an update to Windows is installed, if that update is a GDR (general distribution release) update, the possibility exists that a hotfix exists for the same files but in an earlier version. This hotfix would have been developed separatly within Microsoft for the specific customer problem that the hotfix fixes, but as it is […]

  • Enabling Remote Desktop Remotely

    Run the following from a Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 PC: WMIC /NODE:”client” /USER:”nwtraders\administrator” RDTOGGLE WHERE ServerName=”client” CALL SetAllowTSConnections 1

  • Two Logins To Install Software

    With Windows XP you sometimes see that your Group Policy settings take two reboots or two logins to work. This is because Windows XP operates (by default) in a mode called Fast Logon Optimization. This means that the computer boots and logs in quicker, but it does mean that events that should occur during the […]

  • Enabling Remote Desktop During Installation

    If you are installing a number of servers and you want to ensure that Remote Desktop is enabled on each then add the following lines to the unattend file that you are using to build the Windows servers (or XP client) [TerminalServices] AllowConnections=1

  • How to enable remote desktop remotely

    Lots of sites on the internet discuss how to enable remote desktop in Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server, but the majority of them require you to have physical access to the computer first. So how do you enable remote desktop when you do not have physical access to the computer. It is all to […]