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bin/ExSMIME.dll Copy Error During Exchange Patching

I have seen a lot of this, and there are some documents online but none that described what I was seeing. I was getting the following on an upgrade of Exchange 2013 CU10 to CU22 (yes, a big difference in versions):      The following error was generated when “$error.Clear();           $dllFile = join-path $RoleInstallPath “bin\ExSMIME.dll”;           $regsvr […]

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Placing Exchange 2013 Into Maintenance Mode

Updated 5 Feb 2013 to include Redirect-Message cmdlet Exchange 2013 has a feature called Managed Availability. This feature detects issues with a server and in the event of an issue attempts to fix the component at issue. Fixes range from simple restarts of the component (for example restarting the service) to doing what is called […]

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HTTPS Load Balancer Issues with Exchange 2010 SP2

When you install Service Pack 2 (and maybe SP1 too) on Exchange 2010 it resets the SSL flag on the root directory of the IIS website. You might have removed this setting for a number of reasons, mainly to do with having a HTTP to HTTPS redirect, but it can also be removed if you […]

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Shadow Redundancy Promotion Disabled After Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 2

One of the new features added in Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 was called Shadow Redundancy Promotion. Service Pack 1 creates a setting in EdgeTransport.exe.config to control the behaviour of this setting, and it defaults to a value of “False”, so that the feature is turned off. Enabling Shadow Redundancy Promotion is done by […]

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Exchange Management Shell

I need a place to store useful Powershell commands for the administration of Exchange Server 2007, so I thought I would add them here: Upgrading Exchange Organisation Place Replicas of Public Folders on New Exchange Server get-publicfolder -recurse Set-PublicFolder -Replicas:”server\public folder database”,”server\public folder store (server)” Enable ActiveSync Policy for Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphones and Pocket […]