Ignite 2019 Talks

I had the opportunity to speak at Microsoft Ignite 2019 and the below are the videos of the sessions:


Real-world hybrid Active Directory join and compliance in 20 minutes: One of the easy ways to secure your cloud journey is to ensure that the end user is on a company device. In this session, Brian Reid looks at how this works for Active Directory domain-joined workstations. The steps to get there and what you can do once your devices and your users are synced to Azure Active Directory. He also looks at how to troubleshoot AAD Hybrid Join and take real customer examples so you can avoid common issues – all in 20 minutes!


Authentication without passwords: Password are complex – though usually they are not, and that is the problem! Users forget them and hackers don’t. So it’s time to move away from this pain point and to utilize stronger authentication. In this 20-minute session, Brian Reid looks at how you go password-less using hardware security devices and mobile apps.






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