Skype for Business Online PSTN Conferencing and Office 365 Business Subscriptions

At the time of writing, it is not possible to add a PSTN Conferencing licence to Office 365 Business subscriptions – or at least that is what the portal shows:


Here you can see that PSTN Conferencing is not an available add-on.

But it is possible to add these licences if you know the URL that will take you to the correct page. If you are logged into the Office 365 portal and visit then you are allowed to add Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing and once purchased to add it to users with licences that Microsoft do not sell it with.

In my case I successfully added PSTN Conferencing licences to an Office 365 Business licenced user and I was able to do the same for an Office 365 Enterprise E3 user who gets their licence via the partner / action pack free subscription (you can add PSTN Conferencing if you are a standard E3 user, just not if Microsoft have given you free licences).


Within minutes the Skype for Business admin portal was available again (it disappeared from the Office 365 portal after the licences where purchased) and then I was able to change the conference provider from a third party to Microsoft within the hour.

After adding the PSTN Conference subscription to the portal I was nicely informed in the portal that I did not have a compatible subscription underneath the licence:


This does not seem to stop me using the product though! The link for compatible licences takes me to which shows that I need Office 365 Enterprise E3 or Office 365 Enterprise E1 or Office 365 Enterprise E4 or the standalone Skype for Business Online (Plan 2). Of course the interesting thing about this is that the Office 365 Business subscription contains the “Skype for Business Online (Plan 2)” component, and the users I assigned the licence to have this component




5 responses to “Skype for Business Online PSTN Conferencing and Office 365 Business Subscriptions”

  1. Mike Crowley avatar
    Mike Crowley

    It seems the “for business” plans are the red headed step children of the Office 365 suite.

  2. John Gibson avatar
    John Gibson

    Is the Skype for Business Cloud Voice [PBX] service provisionable the same way?

    1. Brian Reid avatar

      So I am not in the USA, so do not have this service available at this time in my tenant.

  3. Richard avatar

    Thanks for the article! The like works great.
    Do you happen to have the URL to buy the Cloud PBX addon?

    1. Brian Reid avatar

      Not immediately available, but I know that the commerce centre in the Office 365 portal got an update recently and items that before were not listed now are. So if you could not find it back in Dec when you posted the question, then maybe now you will find it actually in your tenant.

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