Account Rename and Essential Business Server 2008 Installation Failure

The error “cannot find the specified active directory object: winnt:///,user” and “program file folder creation or environment variables setting did not finish successfully” appears during the installation of Essential Business Server 2008 on the Security Server if a group policy exists in your current environment that renames the local administrator account name.

The GPO setting under “Windows Settings\Security Settings\Security Options” called “Accounts:Rename administrator account” that enforces this must be turned off for the domain, because at the time of the EBS installation the security server is located in the Computers container.

Unfortunatly, by the time this error occurs you can do nothing about it apart from format the hard disks and reinstall the server!!!



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    Would have taken me a while to figure this out! Especially if it were trial and error 😛 Many Thanks! Steve

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