Moving WSUS 3.0 Content and Database

If you run out of space on your Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server then the following will allow you to move the content to another location on the same machine.

  1. Create a folder called WSUS on a different partiton from the current WSUS folder location. This folder must not be compressed.
  2. Open a command prompt and change directory to c:\program files\update services\tools and run wsusutil.exe movecontent newcontentpath logfile. This might appear as wsusutil movecontent j:\wsus j:\wsus\movewsus.log
  3. Wait until this completes
  4. Stop IIS (iisreset -stop from the command line) and stop the Update Services service.
  5. Download the SQL 2005 Management Studio Express.
  6. Install and run the Management Studio Express software and connect to the local \\.\pipe\mssql$microsoft##ssee\sql\query database (you must use this name and not the actual server name).
  7. Expand Databases, right-click SUSDB and choose Properties. Note down the name and path of the database files.
  8. Expand Databases, right-click SUSDB and choose Tasks > Detach.
  9. Using Windows Explorer, move the UpdateServicesDbFiles folder from the old WSUS database location to the new database location.
  10. Attach the database using Management Studio Express and right-click Databases > Attach. Add the database and log files that you just moved.
  11. Once attached start IIS (iisreset from the command line) and start the Update Services service.
  12. Check the event log for errors, and then you are free to delete the old folder location.






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    this worked very well for me.

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