ISA Server and Net2 Access Control from Paxton

To allow access to the Net2 Server software through an ISA Server you need to create some custom protocols and then allow those protocols in the rules. This was what stopped me accessing the door control system over a VPN to a client of ours.

The new protocols needed are:

  • “Net2 Access Control Inbound”, which is TCP Inbound 6474 to 6475 and UDP Receive Send 6476 to 6477
  • “Net2 Access Control Outboubd”, which is TCP Outbound 6474 to 6475 and UDP Send Receive 6476 to 6477

These custom protocols need to be added to any firewall rules that separate you from the Net2 server, for example a rule to allow these protocols from the Internal network to the VPN Clients network is required.

Once it is working, the Net2 Workstation software will display the server name on start-up.



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