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  • Sage ODBC Error “cannot find all files in data path”

    Saw this error when attempting to connect Excel/Microsoft Query to an installation of Sage when Sage v14 had been installed on Vista with Office 2007 (but these two programs are unrelated to the error). If in Microsoft Query I select the listed data source for Sage then it would generate the above error. The problem […]

  • Media Player 11 jumps or skips near end of songs

    Finally fixed this one! On Windows Media Player 11, running on Vista on Dell hardware the sound-card (with a SigmaTel device) would ruin the end of every song, but sync the song to a mobile device or use a different media player (VLC for example) and the songs play the bit near the end fine. […]

  • Windows Vista on Virtual PC’s

    As I do not have any spare PC hardware I decided to install a copy of Windows Vista (Beta 1) on virtualization software. I have a choice of both VMWare Workstation 5.0 and Microsoft Virtual PC. And the winner is – Microsoft Virtual PC The reason is simple – I can see what I am […]