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Giving a laptop to a new user when CRM 4.0 Offline Mode is installed on it

When someome leaves a company, or their laptop is replaced and they get a new laptop, their old laptop goes somewhere. If that somewhere is to a new user and that laptop had an installation of CRM 4.0 configured in Offline Mode installed on it then you will get the following error message when you […]

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Windows 2008, IIS 7.0, 64 bit Server, Terminal Services Web Application and Access Databases

This is a long list of pre-requisites, but for your information they do not work together. If you have a web site that uses Access as its data storage and you migrate that site to an x64 Windows machine then access to the Access MDB file ceases with the following error: “‘Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0’ provider is not […]