DMARC Quarantine Issues

I saw the following error with a client the other day when sending emails from the client to any of the Virgin Media owned consumer ISP email addresses (,, etc.) gave this error:vLkg1v00o2hp5bc01Lkg9w DMARC validation failed with result 3.00:quarantine In the above, the server name (… might change as will the value… Continue reading DMARC Quarantine Issues

Get-SpoofMailReport in EOP

Using Office 365 or EOP to protect your email and worried about spoofed emails? Then try this cmdlet in Remote PowerShell for EOP: PS C:\Users\brian.reid> Get-SpoofMailReport Date                Event Type Direction Domain Action       Spoofed Sender              True Sender     Sender IP—-                ———- ——— —— ——       ————–              ———–     ———14/04/2016 00:00:00 SpoofMail  Inbound          GoodMail 00:00:00 SpoofMail  Inbound         … Continue reading Get-SpoofMailReport in EOP