Restrictive Throttling Policies in Exchange 2010

Exchange Server 2010 has the ability to limit user and administrative actions. But in testing this feature in a lab I set the default policy (which by default affects everyone, including the Administrator account) to a policy that stopped me undoing the policy again! I ran Set-ThrottlingPolicy def* -PowerShellMaxConcurrency 1 -PowerShellMaxCmdletsTimePeriod 1000 -PowerShellMaxCmdlets 1 which… Continue reading Restrictive Throttling Policies in Exchange 2010

Managing Exchange Server 2010

The recently release Release Candidate (RC) version of Exchange 2010 also has available the Management Packs for System Center Operations Manager. Unfortunately it does not have any documentation available! To configure System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to work with the RC version of the management packs you need to enable proxying of the agent, or… Continue reading Managing Exchange Server 2010

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P1 and P2 Headers in SMTP

P1 = the value on the MAIL FROM command of the SMTP connection (the message envelope) as defined in RFC 821. P2 = the email address in the message body as defined in RFC 822. These include the FROM, REPLY TO and SENDER fields For example, the following SMTP command sequence describes where P1 and… Continue reading P1 and P2 Headers in SMTP