Exchange 2003 to 2010 Migration for the Welsh Government

The Government of Wales had an Exchange 2003 deployment that was causing intermittent problems due to old hardware and a 32 bit operating system that was not able to keep up with the demands of the users and the Outlook client they were using. They also had an Exchange 2010 migration project that had been put on hold.

Microsoft were asked to send in someone to provide mitigation for the Exchange 2003 issues and offer guidance on the 2010 project that had just been restarted. Microsoft called C7 Solutions and we went in the next day.

Two weeks down the line and the migration project is back on track with pilot and initial user migrations completed and the memory issues caused by Outlook 2010 on the Exchange 2003 platform have been removed as the older servers are now serving less users. The Exchange 2010 project was resurrected, redesigned to suit the needs of the Welsh Governments current network infrastructure and high availability requirements and issues detected during the pilot phase have been ironed out.

Service management is now back with the in-house IT service provider and the remaining migration and Exchange 2003 decommissioning project is proceeding.